TV and Film

Amy Farrer

Fantastic Mr Fox Video Essay


I wanted to produce an informative video essay that marries together all of my favourite aspects of individual video production. Being able to explore theoretical and quite complex ideas about film production through a medium that is aesthetically and stylistically pleasing, easy to watch and entertaining

Amy Farrer and Olivia Pearce

Music Video


This production is one I am most proud of. The subject of the video and the song are extremely close to me as the story is true and based off my friend’s parents. I wanted to represent their story in a respectable yet emotional way. We wanted to create a video that looked professional and used a variety of shots and angles. I feel as though these techniques created an emotional connection between the audience and the story.

Gemma Williams

TV Ident

I referenced the bizarre style of the TV channel Dave’s idents with the aeroplane landing on the road with two elderly ladies exiting the plane. I also filmed this as a stop motion video to reiterate the student made aspect, of homage to the real ident and the difficulty of filming the idea in real life.

Gemma Williams and Nat Price

Music Video

For this video Nat and I were mainly inspired by the lyrics of the song, but also after viewing another of the artists music video also being a stop motion video. We found that the style worked well with the song.

Jordan Brown and Jake Haggett

Music Video

In this video me and Jake were tasked to make a music video for a song and we decided to use the song Tribute by tenacious D, the cast consisted of me, Toby, Luke and Miles with me and Toby being the musicians and Luke being the devil and Miles being the demon, the song is about the best song in the world and it’s a tribute to that song.

Miles Crump, Bailey Pearce and Toby Horton

Soggy Bottoms

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