Katherine Roadknight

Life and Death of a Flower

Acrylic Paint on MDF Board


The concept of this final piece was the 'Life and Death of a Flower' however, I did not want to paint an image of a dying flower.  I chose to explore the idea of absence within nature. Influenced by the work and concepts of Georgia O' Keeffe and Marcus Harvey.  I selected a previous painting of a flower that I had made, photocopying different sections of the painting. Choosing three images that showed the flower less and less and experimenting with the technique of using zips (used by Barnett Newman) and acrylic paint onto raw MDF. This examines the idea of Absence by both lack of colour and shape.  Initial pencil sketches of the flower are still evident on the painting, this conveys absence by adding a sense of mystery and raises the question that there could have been or there previously was something there.

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