Holly Snowdon

The Depth

Digital Drawing and Design

I chose to explore The Depth for my title because it was a vague subject that I could pick apart. I came up with three vastly different pieces that all fit under the idea of ‘The Depth’. My inspiration was primarily from comic styles and the comic book company Dark Horse, who create spin off comics of popular movies and tv series alongside their own original work. They focus on the themes of Horror and Thriller – ideas I incorporated into my own work and process. The first of the three focuses on creating suspense through the scene, a girl at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by the ghostly remains of dead fish. The second cover is set in space, I took advantage of the viewers imagination to create tension, having minimal information present through a single hand and a broken helmet to create a thought-provoking, suspenseful atmosphere. And lastly a piece focused on the depth of the imagination, a fantasy creature towering a girl. I veered away from the idea of horror in this cover and instead explored composition and emotion, the expression of the beast is unpredictable, combined with the bold blue and yellow to really drive the sense of caution and uncertainty.

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